Cornerstone Counseling, LLC
"Building New Foundations of Hope"


Amy H. Wells, LCSW  PC
Amy received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 1996 and went on to obtain her Master of Social Work degree in 1998, both from Valdosta State University, and subsequently became a Licensed Master Social Worker. In 2001, she became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Amy began her career helping people suffering from chronic and severe mental illness, working in both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric settings.  She has also worked with the geriatric population in a variety of settings including nursing homes.  She has experience helping children and teenagers of divorced families cope with parental alienation and anxiety.  She has been appointed by the courts in both Georgia and Florida as a Parent Coordinator to assist families during high conflict divorces and has many years of experience testifying as an expert witness.  Amy treats children and teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, grief, anxiety, and depression.  She also helps adults with depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, and parenting skills.  Amy provides supervision to other therapists seeking licensure.  She offers individual, family and marriage counseling and is an owner of Cornerstone Counseling, LLC. 


Tracy W. Corbett, LCSW  PC
Tracy has been serving the community in Lowndes County and throughout Georgia for more than 18 years.  In 1991, she received a B.A. degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Valdosta State College. In 1992, she began her Master's degree in Social Work from Florida State University.  In 1993, she was inducted into the Honor society, Phi Alpha.  Tracy graduated with her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2000.  Tracy specializes in treating Depression, Grief, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Parenting, Oppositional Defiant Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders.  She accepts children, teenagers and adults in individual, couples, and family therapy.  For 16 years, she passionately served adoptive children and prospective families, providing assessments, home studies, placement recommendations, and post-placement visits.  Tracy has testified as an expert witness in the courts.  She is currently assisting in a community-wide program to improve parenting and communication skills in blended families.  Tracy provides supervision to therapists seeking licensure. Tracy is an owner of Cornerstone Counseling, LLC.
Christa L. Crawford, LCSW PC
Christa provides individual and family therapy for children, teenagers, and adults. She specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Christa is on the STAR provider registry after receiving specialized training with the Center of Deployment Psychology for military stressors with particular focus on combat-related PTSD, Insomnia, and TBI. She has experience treating Oppositional Defiant Disorders, Anxiety (including Separation Anxiety Disorder), and teaching parenting skills. Christa has worked in the field for 19 years and attended Valdosta State University for both degrees. She obtained Social Work licensure in 2001. She has studied the impact of culture shock, and culture adjustment, in addition to participating in a social work program in Veracruz, Mexico. Christa was contracted at Moody AFB to start Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy services in 2008. She enjoys providing clinical supervision for licensure and consultation to other therapists. Christa is also an owner of Cornerstone Counseling, LLC.

Blakely E. Harper, LCSW PC
Blakely is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 15 years post-Masters experience and has provided clinical services to children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of mental health and medical settings. She graduated with her Bachelor of Social Work from University of Georgia in 2001, earned her Master of Social Work in 2003 from Valdosta State University, and became licensed in 2004. Blakely has been a part-time instructor through Valdosta State University's Master of Social Work Program. She is skilled in treating depression, anxiety, as well as other mood disorders. She provides counseling related to the management of stress and relationship issues and works with clients to foster coping skills.  Her hope is to help her clients connect and correct the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that could be acting as barriers to a better life. Blakely has Connected Child training and can positively enhance parenting children with sensory processing issues as well as children who have experienced past trauma. She also has extensive experience assisting individuals/families who are journeying through a physical illness as well as through grief/loss and bereavement, and other life transitions. Blakely offers individual, family, and couples' therapy.